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General Product Warranty Policy 
1) Limited Warranty extended to the original consumers under normal residential uses only. There is, however, no warranty for commercial, rental, business, or institutional uses. 
2) Reclining mechanism and the wooden frame

They will be free of defects in the workmanship and materials for 3 years.    
3) Leather: All leathers are warranted against defective materials and workmanship for 1 year as of shipping from the factory. Exclude fading, stretching and dye lot variations. 
4) Other parts of the products are warranted against defect materials and workmanship for 1 year as of shipping from the factory. Natural markings such as scars, brands, wrinkles, grain variation, etc., will be considered normal characteristics and are not construed as defects.
For defective issues with NHF Leather products, please follow the procedures below:
It is the responsibility of customers at their costs to send a repair person to inspect defective issues claimed by their customers of NHF Leather products. The repair person must verify that the defective issue is legitimate. If it is legitimate defective issue, customers must submit a written report by repair person in details.
1) If the products are repairable the NHF Leather will provide replacement parts only, and the customers should provide digital pictures for approval.
2) If the products have multiple defects and are not able to be repaired, NHF Leather needs repair written reports from their repair person and digital pictures which show multiple defects of the products. Customers need to state clearly the nature of the problems which are not caused by improper use or by abuse.
3) Please write down the product code, PO, and date of production, and take a clear picture from the product ID (A product ID can be found at the bottom of seat).
4) The clear pictures of the defective products should include front view and side view of the products, and the details of the defects (minimum 3 different angles of the products). Approximate size of the defects is also a requirement.
Please send all the above information by email. Once we receive your information our office will review and then contact you.  Please email all the pictures and reports to service@nhfleather.com.