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Whether you're looking for furniture to fill up your newly-purchased house, or merely shopping around for something nice to add to your existing sofa collection, we've got you covered: from antique style three-piece sofa set, to vantage corner sofa; from comfortable home theater to affordable sofa bed, with numerous shades of leather available for your selection.


Here are some of the features characteristic of our products:


1. Top-grain leather: Crafted of durable, high-grade top grain leather that is both soft and supple, our sofa provides both comfort and class;


2. Embossed leather: We apply the embossed leather to arms, kick panels, inside back or seats, which undoubtedly add much character to any sofa;


3. Color: The regal and distinctive multi-toned burgundy leather, along with black, brown and beige shades, offers a touch of sheen that shows off the superb quality and extravagance of our sofa products;


4. Tufted designs, loose back cushions, and 8-way hand tied seat base are other characteristics of our quality products which will surely help you boost your market share;


5. Packing: Our products are packed in strong & endurable carton boxes, which will effectively protect the products to avoid any potential customer complaints, making it especially attractive to online sales.